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Blind Ambitions

Passion, Podcasts & Poetry

Welcome to Blind Ambitions. This site is dedicated to the many things I am ambitious about as a visually impaired person. As you get to know me through these pages, you will learn what I am ambitious about.

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The Skinny

Randy Lacey uses Blind Ambitions as a place to display the many things he has become ambitious about since losing most of his eyesight in 2011.

  • He published his first poetry book Blind Ambitions in 2013 and has since published several more. He is currently working on a novel, a memoir and a collection of short stories.

  • In 2015 Randy began creating his own brand of spice blends called Bear's Spice Blends. Under this brand, he makes to order his various spice blends, mustard, and hot sauces, some of which were used in a local restaurant. His blends, sauces, and mustard have become popular across Canada and certain parts of the United States.

  • Randy has now tossed his hat into the podcasting arena hoping to battle his way through the fierce competition of this thriving media outlet hoping he can leave his own mark.



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